Dubai Real Estate Agent Company - Property Buying & Selling in Dubai

Dubai Real Estate Agent Company - Property Buying & Selling in Dubai

The luxury lifestyle that Dubai offers is perfect for the discerning tourist; the city boasts over 30 five-star hotels, and has more hotel rooms than Miami Beach. A wealth of first class restaurants conjures up a world of tastes from around the globe. In fact, the only difficulty you'll have in terms of food is making your mind up what to choose. From Japanese to Lebanese, the variety of restaurants in Dubai is the best in the region.

If you enjoy sports, then Dubai is leading the way in the Middle East. Prime sporting events held annually include the Dubai World Cup (the richest horse race in the world), International Power Boat Racing, Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament, Dubai Tennis Open and the Dubai Rugby Sevens. Dubai also offers a great range of choices for the active visitor: a selection of some of the world's best golf courses, water sports, and unique opportunities for desert adventures.

If you like to shop, then Dubai is a dream; if you are not a shopaholic, and then prepare to become one. Whether it's refined boutiques or grandiose shopping malls or great value independent outlets, there is something for everyone. Retail is such an important part of Dubai that there are two festivals a year to celebrate shopping: the hugely successful Dubai Shopping Festival (January - February) now attracts more than 3 million visitors, while the Dubai Summer Surprises has been unleashing summers of fun and learning since the summer of 1998.

Dubai real estate agent is providing residential and commercial accommodation both for purchase of freehold properties and leasing property on rental basis. The company is based in Dubai with business extensions in Abu Dhabi and Ajman. The company specializes in all aspects to the property market within the UAE and Dubai mainly. Commercial freehold office space for buying within the very popular Business Bay area is overseen by their commercial team of consultants, whether it is the iconic Iris Bay, One Business Bay, Opus, Gemini, The Binary, B2B Tower, Churchill Executive, or any freehold office space to purchase.

Residential accommodation is overseen by their experienced sales consultants who specialize in all freehold areas, where it is a freehold luxury villa, apartment, penthouse or even a studio, in Arabian Ranches, Discovery Gardens, International City, Jumeirah Islands, Meadows, Springs, Al Barari luxury villas, Garden Homes to Signature villas on Palm Jumeirah, and yet to be delivered on the secondary resale market Palm Jebel Ali.

Dubai, a great place to live! The Dubai Properties and Real Estate is a reserve center for assets long term investment and real value for money. We real estate agent's services, where you will find a capital of sequence on several kinds of Chapter as well as property selling, buying, rentals, real estate agents, Dubai housing market updates, mortgages / home loans, Dubai freehold properties, relocating, Dubai real estate investing, trends, financial analyst, Middle East real estate news and professional reviews.

Freehold Properties: The core idea behind Freehold in the Dubai/United Arab Emirates was implemented in 2002 with Dubai chief the way. In a familiar sight travel, the Dubai government legalists overseas possession of properties

Find property buy and sale in a row for all of UAE together with Sharjah, Muskat, Abu Dhabi, Ajman Ras Al Khaima and Oman Al-Quain Whole United Arab Emirates.

Selling Your House Online Without The Need For A Real Estate Agent

Pull Up A Word Document & Write Your Listing Description

Writing copy for a property listing is easy, especially if you are the home owner as you know your property best. All you need to do is point out the features and benefits and then elaborate on each. If you are struggling to write anything down, go onto the major property listing websites in your country and take a look at what some of the agents have written for some of their properties. After reading a few other listings, the creative juices will start to flow and you will have no trouble in writing your own ad.

Get Your Digital Camera & Take Photos Of Your Property

Now, you need to make sure that your digital camera takes high-resolution or high quality images so that you images do not come out with pixelation but other than that, make sure you house is clean and well presented and take some happy snaps. Here are some of the main areas of your house that you will need to take pictures of:

    Front Yard
    Back Yard
    Living Rooms

Get Property Reports & Market Data To Determine Your Selling Price

When selling your house privately, you need to gather your own data and determine the price at which you are going to sell as you do not have an agent to dictate or tell you what they think the property will sell for. You can do this fairly easily by making a search in Google for Free Property Report. This will bring up a number of sites that will provide you with sales data for properties that are similar to yours in your neighborhood. Once you have a general idea of what you would like for your property and you have all of your listing content, you can move onto the fun part, selling.

List Your Property On Free Classifieds & Paid Property Listing Websites

You can start off by listing your house online on free classified websites such as Craigslist or GumTree if you are based in Australia and you may just get enough enquiries on these sites to sell your house pretty fast but if you are looking for the most exposure and are looking to list on the most popular Real Estate websites in your country of region, do a search in Google for Sell My House Online or Sell My House Privately. You will get a large list of websites that will help you to list on these major property portals for a once-off or monthly listing fee. You will still be allowed to handle your own enquiries and deal with prospective buyers directly, they just list your property under their account but direct enquiries on your property straight back to you.

Take Your Enquiries, Conduct Open For Inspections & Negotiate A Price

This is the really fun part. Once your property is advertised and the enquiries start streaming in, you just need to take calls and fight for the highest price. You will have to show people through your home on the in-between but essentially, this is where you get down to business. Show people through and then take down the names and numbers of the interested parties. Organize a time to take them out to coffee and negotiate a reasonable selling price.

Speak To Your Lawyer or Conveyancer To Have Your Contracts Drawn Up

Once you have a buyer, you have done the verbal agreement, you then need to set it in stone. You can do this by going to your lawyer or conveyancer and asking them to write your sale contracts up for a small fee. Once these are done, all you need to do is have them signed and prepare for final settlement.

Settle & Smile

Once your property is sold and you have settled, you can sit back, relax and smile because you have just sold your property all by yourself and what is even better is that you did it without a Real Estate Agent and you did not have to pay a cent in commission. can help you sell your own house online without minimal effort. Simply select a package that suits you, make a payment and enter your property details and we will list your property on Australia's largest Real Estate websites. The best part is, you pay no commissions to Real Estate agents.

Why You Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy Or Rent Out A Property

The present real estate economy is in a rather bad shape and if you an entrepreneur who is looking for property to expand the business, there are several things that you will have to keep in mind before you start your search. One of the most crucial things is the present status of the market. With the entire country just getting out of the
financial crisis, there are several really good properties available for rent or sale. This does not mean that you will hit gold at your very first search attempt. There are several aspects to a long term investment which one will have to be aware of before taking the plunge. Even though finding real estate property will not be very difficult given the plethora of websites available, there are always several other related intricacies that investors will have to look into. One of the main aspects is the locality. A good commercial property agent will have a good idea about the dynamics of the locality and will be able to give you a good forecast about the future price of the property. This aspect is very important as real estate is not a consumptive expenditure but an investment and hence one will have to ensure that the investment will be financially viable. The real estate agent will also have a very good idea about the commercial standing of the locality and will be able to provide you with valuable insights about the locality that you plan to do business in. Once you have managed to find yourself a few good real estate options, you will then have to start selecting the right kind of property which will suit all your requirements. An essential part of the selection process is getting a proper structural analysis done of the property. This will not only help you get a good estimate about the nominal value of the property but will also help identify all the problems related to the property. A commercial property agent will be able to get this procedure done by competent staff. There are also several legal intricacies in the process of property transactions including mortgages and loans. These are things which most laymen do not comprehend and a commercial real estate agent will be able to look into all these complexities. The next and the most crucial aspect of the transaction will be the contract or lease negotiations. Even though most of the negotiations between the buyer and the seller will be completely transparent, a good agent will be able to get the best deal for you. There are several inherent capabilities of a good agent which lets him/her leverage the agent's geography and network to provide a win-win agreement for both the parties. A commercial real estate agent will also be able to coordinate all the players involved in the transaction. An agent will be able to work with the lawyers, accountants and bank staff to ensure that you will not have to deal with all these multiple complexities that you are not knowledgeable about.