UPDATE: 927 Fifth Avenue

Yesterday Your Mama rambled on and on (and on) about New York City's über exclusive 927 Fifth Avenue building where the estate of recently deceased financier Bruce Wasserstein has put the top half of the billionaire's titanic doo-plex on the market with an elephantine asking price of $26,000,000.

Interest in the 9 room sprawler, according to a new report from the always well-informed Josh Barbanel at the Wall Street Journal, has been so frenzied that the listing brokers quickly shifted real estate gears and opted to schedule for a one day auction.

Brokers with sufficiently interested–and financially qualified–buyers were instructed to submit sealed bid offers by the end of the day yesterday, November 1, 2010. Brokers indicated that the cooperative apartment would go into contract soon after. Your Mama read on the interweb somewhere–we can't remember where now but we'll keep looking–that in order to qualify financially to purchase a spread at 927 Fifth Avenue, a buyer must show 4 times the purchase price of the apartment in liquid assets. That means the buyer of the top floor of Mister Wasserstein's former doo-plex will need to have at least one hundred million clams sitting around in cold hard cash. Ain't life nice for some people?

Mister Barbanel reported that due to the heavy interest in the ritzy residence the deadline might be extended. That sounds like it might be a good thing since the crush of interested parties was so feverish that potential buyers were scheduled in over lapping 45 minute intervals on Monday afternoon with some brokers whining about how they had not been able to get in to view the apartment for or with clients.

Mister Barbanel's briefing included some juicy nuggets of information such as the confirmation that Mister Wasserstein's two full floor units at 927 Fifth Avenue, each around 6,000 square feeet, had indeed been doo-plexed into one vast, mansion sized apartment. In June of 2010, presumably in preparation for sale, permits were issued to close up the staircase that connected the two apartments.

If interest in the 11th floor unit is so great, Your Mama would bet our long bodied bitches Linda and Beverly that there is one or maybe even two stinking rich real estate size queens who will try to buy both floors of Mister Wasserstein's former doo-plex. At this point, we don't know if there are plans to sell the 10th floor apartment or if it too is for sale but not on the open market.