Is Zsa Zsa Moving House?

The celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ reported today that agéd and severely compromised Hungarian-American siren Zsa Zsa Gabor may soon make a move from her long-time residence in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles to a much smaller and more affordable condo. Or so says her controversial and famously eccentric 9th huzband.

Since 1986 Miz Gabor has been married to a kooky and much younger 7-times-married German-born character who flits around around town calling himself Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. The Prince, a publicity seeking ball of bizarre, became tabloid catnip during the summer of 2007 when he called the Bev Hills po po to report that his Rolls Royce was overtaken by three attractive woman who handcuffed and held him up at gunpoint. When the police arrive, the Prince was found, san handcuff, sitting in his car in his damn birthday suit. That's right, beehawtcha was bare-ass naked with some cockamamie story about the ladee-robbers stealing his clothes. Have mercy, pleeze.

The Prince is not, it should be noted, a royal of any sort by blood but rather was adopted as an adult by a German princess. The circumstances of said adoption have been much speculated about in fine drawing rooms and tawdry gossip glossies around the world. Their married life has been far from calm and filled with litigious events. However, along the way Miz Gabor and the Prince adopted several adult men. Why? We'll leave y'all to ruminate and speculate on such things

Anyhoodles poodles, sketchy ol' Freddy told TMZ that the plan is to pack Zsa Zsa's prosthesis–the 94 year old eccentric grand dame has been partially paralyzed since a 2002 car accident and recently had her right leg removed–and move to a $1.5 million condo in Westwood.

The couple current crib in Bel Air was built by billionaire Howard Hughes and later owned by Elvis Presley who sold the estate to Miz Gabor in 1974. The "Prince" told TMZ that the house has 8,000 square feet and 26 rooms while the Los Angeles County Tax Man show the mansion measures 6,647 square feet and includes 4 bedrooms and 5 poopers. Since the Prince is well-known to speak hyperbole out of his back side, we're inclined to believe the Tax Man over anything he says.

The peeps at TMZ report that the property will be listed at $25-28 million, which sounds like a pretty optimistic number to Your Mama. Then again we don't know a ball of string from a cluster of grapes and maybe that's a perfectly reasonable number. We'll let all the Platinum Triangle property purveyors duke that one out.

A gated and curving drive climbs the hillside to a motor court in front of a Hollywood Regency-style residence choked by landscaping that looks like it could use a bit more thinning. Out back, red awnings shade the windows and ornate balusters enclose upper level terraces that offer city lights views. The pill-shaped swimming pool has a basket weave pattern brick terrace and a myriad of potted rose bushes and statuary that make Your Mama squeamish.

Someone we know who was inside the house many years ago says it was tastefully decorated in a old-school but down at the heels Hollywood style. We'd chop off a toe for a private tour of the house so Prince Freddy, give Your Mama a note on the email iffin you want to do a tour and brief interview about the house, okay?

For more photos of the house and grounds head on over to TMZ.

photos: TMZ