Your Mama Hears...

...that 22-year old Formula One racing heiress Petra Ecclestone, the proud new owner of showbiz widda Candy Spelling's puffed-up palace The Manor in Los Angeles, CA, not only spent an astonishing $85,000,000 to purchase the approximately 55,000 square foot mega-mansion in the Holmby Hills area but apparently plans to spend many millions more on an interior renovation of the distended multi-winged residence.

In fact, according to an informant we'll call Anita Tellyouathingortwo, there are as Your Mama types our fat fingers to the nubbins "20 truck loads + of Spelling tile, carpet and other finishes are on their way to the landfill." That's right, dollies, the ink is barely dry on the deed's dotted line and Miss Ecclestone has already brought in the demolition man tear out at least some of the interior spaces of massive high-maintenance mansion.

It is both paralyzing and–let's be honest butter beans–not such a shock at all that sassy and brassy Miss Ecclestone would not want to keep Miz Spelling's opulent but matronly day-core. Your Mama, who has never been withing five miles of Miss Ecclestone, imagines she might prefer something more authentically English–all mis-matched chintz, chipped Chippendale tea sets and ruffles a-go-go–or something more contempo that befits a barely legal parvenu with an obvious thing for unrestrained real estate consumption.

In addition to her wee landing pad in Los Angeles, Miss Ecclestone also, according to multiple previous reports an discussions, owns a huge and historic mansion in London that she bought last year for somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000,000, unquestionably with dough-re-mi provided by her diminutive billionaire big-daddy Bernie Ecclestone.

Your Mama could work our way through a case of gin and 50 pounds of candy and still come up plum loco trying to figure out why a 22-year woman would want or feel she needs a 123-room house that she will likely not even occupy full time but if Your Mama has said it once we've said it 917 times too many that there's nothing but futility in attempting to figure out the wacky ways of filthy rich and/or famous folks.

photo: Pacific Coast News