Afternoon Tidbit (Two of Three): Update Rachel Uchitel

Just in case her 15 minutes are not quite up...

She may have had to hand back the $8-10,000,000 hush money she was paid by her philandering former lover Tiger Woods because she broke the silence the millions were supposed to buy but, according the the peeps at gossip juggernaut TMZ, VIP hostess turned short-term reality tee-vee denizen Rachel Uchitel just hauled in $330,000 on the sale of a New York City apartment she bought last year.

P.S. We're not even going to mention that dreadful carved wood giraffe standing up over there against the wall because it's giving Your Mama a burning moment of heebie-jeebies that someone would actually think to stick that thing there like it's day-core.

listing photo: Sotheby's International Realty