A Big Opportunity To Learn Facebook Marketing --- The Right Way

My August 2011 blog post on Facebook Marketing - Common Blunders Made By Real Estate Agents & Brokers  got a lot comments and reactions from realtors and agents looking to exploit the social network to gain more real estate prospects and leads. 

Learn how to be a Facebook marketing ninja

Aside from the positive and encouraging feedback from that particular blog post, I also got a lot questions on other Facebook marketing best practices applicable for real estate selling. While I am happy to give a lot of more of these tips, I usually end up directing them to google or even visit Facebook's site for more practical and easy ways to attract prospective real estate buyers and increase audience engagement given that the subject is so broad that it will take several posts just to even scratch the surface.

Even with the links I've shared lets admit it: searching and poring over Facebook's guides on the web takes time and can be a boring and dull exercise.Fortunately, Facebook it seems has heard the "cries for help" from professionals and businesses asking for a more comprehensive and engaging way to learn how to use the network to grow their business. 

From November 1-16, Facebook will be holding its first ever Marketing Bootcamp designed to teach marketing managers, business owners and other interested parties the best way on how to leverage the social media giant to their advantage.

The bootcamp includes a series of Webinars, Live Question and Answer (Q&A) spots as well as weekly Facebook marketing tips. What's more the first 5,000 people who sign up for the event will get a free $25 Facebook ad coupon (24-48 hours after sign up) and another $100 in coupons if they can add 100 more people to their Facebook pages from November 1-30. 

Here's what you get:

a.)  Learn the best tricks and practices to get your business in front of your targeted customers 

b.) Free advertising dollars for your property listings or website 

c.) Invaluable weekly tips on how to optimize your campaigns

d.) Be transformed from a Facebook marketing novice  to a skilled ninja (oh yeah!)

all for free!! 

This is one bootcamp you'll surely don't want to miss. Sign up now by clicking on this link: http://on.fb.me/tK3rF2 add rel=” nofollow”