Elin Nordegrin Knocks a Big One Down

Yesterday Your Mama done missed the the celebrity real estate boat. While we prattled on about Paris Hilton's old house in L.A. and deceased playboy Gunter Sachs' very contemporary Manhattan townhouse all the globe's other property gossips starting with TMZ went gaga over the news Elin Nordegrin knocked down the North Palm Beach, FL mansion she bought not quite a year ago for, as per the property records we peeped, $12,250,000.

Miz Nordegrin is, of course, the former Swedish nanny who married and procreated with philandering professional golfer Tiger Woods. Sometime in 2009 when Missus Woods wised up and figured out her dear huuzbund was sleeping with hussies–ahem, excuse us–women all over the United States of America she snatched up the kids, lawyered up and was granted somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 (or so) million bucks from her divorce decree. Miz Nordegrin reportedly now dates financier Jamie Dingman, a globe-trotting son of a billionaire who also, rather ironically and allegedly, got bizzy with VIP lounge hostess Rachel Uchitel,

The Palm Beach County Tax Man's records also show the original ocean front mansion, the one Miz Nordegrin knocked down, was built in 1932 and measured in at a rather monstrous 17,178 square feet with 2 fireplaces, 7 car garage parking, 8 bathrooms, and an elevator. At the front of a the house two gated drives met in a massive motor court at at the back a stone terrace with in-ground swimming pool and elevated spa hugged the house. A broad lawn ringed by half a dozen palm trees and sliced in two by a wide walkway that extended from the terrace to a small sunbathing deck set into thick foliage above the beach and to a private stair to the sand and surf.

That's all gone now, of course, soon to be replaced with whatever visions Miz Nordegrin and her team of smart architects and nice, gay (or maybe lady) decorators conjure up as her post-divorce dream house. The folks at TMZ managed to get their hands on a small cache of photographs of the house taken mostly from inside the gates during and after the demolition.

A little digging around on the Palm Beach County Tax Man's website and Your Mama discovered Miz Nordegrin's 2011 tax bill was $240,435, a staggering amount of money for most people for sure but, we imagine, much less we imagine that she'll have to cough up once her new (and probably more valuable) house is finally finished.

Ex-Missus Woods and the erstwhile couple's two young kiddies currently (and reportedly) shack up in a nearby ocean front condo she leased for the duration of the demolition and construction of her new(er and presumably better) mansion. As far as we know Miz N. still owns and maintains a luxury apartment in Stockholm's upscale Östermalm neighborhood as well as a rustic, accessible only by boat retreat on Falgaro Island near Stockholm.

aerial photo: Bing