Your Mama Hears...

...through the Beverly Hills real estate grapevine that Jennifer Aniston –as she herself hinted in People magazine recently–has very quietly floated her recently renovated Hal Leavitt-designed mansion in Beverly Hills on the market.

We first heard this rumor from one of the children and immediately fired up our bedazzled princess phone to touch base with some of our better connected informants. Within an hour we heard back from one of our Bev Hill real estate big wig pals who snitched that not only had Miz Aniston given an L.A. real estate power player the green light to chat the property up to potential buyers but that a number of the top property purveyors in the Platinum Triangle were invited to viewed the gated estate this week. We also heard from a tattle-tale who often knows about these sorts things that the asking price for Miz Aniston's 9,000-plus square foot house is a bank account blistering $42,000,000.

Miz Aniston paid $13,500,000 for the secluded house in late 2006 and spent several years and probably several millions more on a gut renovation. Almost as soon as the overhaul was completed Miz Aniston had the folks over at Architectural Digest over to take some juicy house porn pictures of the property. It may not be every one's cup of architectural and decorative tea but, puppies, it's smack you hard across the face gorgeous.

All week the real estate gossips have been aflutter over the whispers and rumors that Miz Aniston is considering a move to New York City–where she grew up–and may have put an offer in on a duplex penthouse pad in a pre-war building in the West Village. She's denied making an offer on that apartment but is on record as "looking, looking and looking" for a crib in the Big Apple.

It's all rumor and gossip, kids, rumor and gossip.