Your Mama Hears...

...That rom-com queen Jennifer Aniston (Just Go With It, Marley & Me, Friends) isn't the only Hollywood hotshot female to quietly float her home on to the market with with a teeth chattering price tag.

We first heard whispers several days ago from a friend and informant and now two impeccably placed real estate tattle-tales confirm that comedienne and talk show titan Ellen Degeneres has quietly floated her multi-residence Beverly Hills, CA compound on the market with a scorching asking price of around $50,000,000.
Miz Degeneres and her actress wife Portia de Rossi laid out $29,000,000 for the nearly 9,000 square foot crown jewel of their hillside compound above Coldwater Canyon (above), which they purchased in December 2007 from Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick and his unfortunately named entertainment attorney huzband Erik Hyman.

The property-mad pair quickly snatched up two adjacent residences for another $13,500,000. One house they kept and the other they razed to make way for an expanded motor court and private park. In July of 2008 they shelled out another $5,500,000 to acquire the final piece of their real estate puzzle, a hillside house with oblique views into their backyard.

A few quick flicks of the well-worn beads of our bejeweled abacus shows that Miz Degeneres shelled out a staggering total of $48,000,000 to put her compound together. Sit back and think about that for a moment, cupcakes. Forty-eight million clams not counting the ten or so million buckaroos she coughed up for a 26+-acre equestrian paradise in the rustic hills outside Westlake Village, CA in late 2009. Hoo-wee, babies, after publicly coming out of the closet this Sapphic sister became Tinseltown pariah who managed turn her professional lemons into wildly wealthy Hollywood power-player lemonade. Brava beehawtcha!

Anyhoo, we really can't fathom why the Missus Degeneres's might want to unload their superstar-style compound after so much scratch and effort was spent to cobble it together and customize it to their exacting and specific standards. If we've said it once, puppina-weenuhs, we've said it a thousand times, who are we to question or comprehend the capricious real estate ways of the rich and famous? Especially the mercurial ways of someone like Ellen Degeneres who has a long history of buying and flipping high-priced properties from Los Angeles to Montecito to the Santa Ynez Valley.

photo: Pacific Coast News