Ever Wonder...

...what The Promised Land looks like?

Oprah Winfrey recently toured nice, gay decorator Nate Berkus around her sprawling and meticulously maintained estate, which she calls The Promised Land, in Montecito, CA.

How-evuh, hunnies, La Oprah did not allow the cameras into the estate's main mansion but rather just poked around the grounds and did an interview in the damn tea house. Those Oprah people hyped that shit up like they were going to let folks peep into Miz Winfrey's private lair and then they didn't even show the house? Pleeze. Y'all should of promoted that as a silly garden tour and nuthin' but a garden tour, okay?

That said and even though Your Mama can't bear the scent of roses, Miz Winfrey's roses sure of purdy and the view towards the Pacific Ocean is utterly magnificent.