UPDATE: Mark Zuckerberg

Yesterday morning Your Mama discussed the $7,000,000 Palo Alto, CA crib recently acquired by 26-year old Facebook founding billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

Late last night, just before we toodled off to our 18-inch thick Tempurpedic Your Mama received an unexpected cache of listing photographs of the Palo Alto property from an anonymous source we'll call Poll Passthepictures.

The photos reveal honey-colored hardwood floors with inlaid detailing, historically appropriate sash windows painted charcoal on the exterior, deep porches, coffered ceilings, oodles of French doors with vintage–or vintage-looking–hardware, a sunny window wrapped kitchen with both marble and butcher block counter tops.

Credit where credit is due: Only after setting the listing photos and typing our short above discussion this morning did we realize that our pals over at Gawker beat us to the real estate photo punch.