UPDATE: Brad Pitt and Ellen Degeneres Rumors

As reported by those quick-witted kids over at Curbed, Brad Pitt's clifftop contemporary crib in Malibu, CA–listed at $13,750,000–was taken off the market last week. This could mean any number of things, natch.

It was only last week, the children may recall, Your Mama passed along the shouldn't-be-shocking celebrity real estate scuttlebutt that Mister Pitt was about to sell his sleek, single-story mid-century modern Malibu beach house to none other than Hollywood's most notoriously itchy-footed house hopper Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia di Rossi.

Ann Brenoff, who spreads the juicy celebrity real estate butter for AOL/Huffington Post and was the first to discuss the listing removal over this last weekend, contacted Mister Pitt's top-producing listing agent who told her that the house had not been sold and that "her office received a request from the business manager asking that the listing be withdrawn." A moving truck seen removing the home's contents last week suggests something a little different to Miz Brenoff like maybe, could be "the deal is all but done."

Immediately after scanning todays' nuggets of real estate hearsay about the possible sale of Mister Pitt's Malibu pad Your Mama automatically contacted our trusted (and sometimes cryptic) informant Sassy Sassafrass who whispered conspiratorially, "I only hear that she bought it, but I can't confirm anything." Donald Doesalotofbigdeals, another of our a-list real estate informants, reiterated he hears the same whispers. Make of these things what y'all will.

The buff actor and architecture and design buff acquired the 1.26 acre spread in March 2005 for $8,410,000. The gated and secured property has a tennis court, lap-length swimming pool and an angular glass and steel residence Mister Pitt custom-renovated and decorated it to his own exacting (and somewhat academic) standards. The 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom residence was officially put on the open market in mid-August 2011 with a $13,750,000 price tag.

Mister Pitt possesses a number of discreet high-style residences and compounds in upscale locales that include near Santa Barbara, the Los Feliz 'hood in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and the south of France. The Missus Degeneres and de Rossi have a sprawling compound in Beverly Hills currently on the market for $49,000,000 plus a ranch in the affluent Hidden Valley enclave near Thousand Oaks, CA on the market earlier this year with an asking price of $16,500,000.

listing photos: Coldwell Banker / Malibu West