Weekend Wrap Up: Courtney Love Faces Eviction

It will not likely come as a surprise many if any celebrity real estate watchers that Courtney Love's New York City landlord is spitting mad at the always eccentric and sometimes volatile rock star.

Miz Love's Chicago-based landlady Donna Lyon, who leased the picture perfect West Village townhouse to Miz Love earlier in the year at a rate of $27,000 per month, claims the Hole front woman violated the terms of her lease agreement by wallpapering and painting significant portions of the four floor townhouse decorated and designed by the previous owner, the accomplished and exceedingly accomplished Steven Gambrel.

Miz Love says something a little different–natch–and allowed the xoJane website exclusive access to the townhouse that's now filled to the gills with tatted doilies and a Buddha statues.

Miz Lyon also claims Miz Love is $54,000 in arrears on the rent but Miz Love told the Post that she's absolutely not behind on the rent but rather that Miz Lyon is asking that the last two months of the lease be paid up front.


Listing images above show townhouse as it appeared in listing photos before Miz Love got her hands on the place.

photos: Corcoran
floor plan: Halstead via Curbed