Monday Mish-mosh: Bristol Palin

Sarah's daughter Bristol Palin bought a big ol' house in Maricopa, AZ in December 2010 for $172,000. So the story went, she planned to go to school there, or something like that. By June 2011 the 21-year old single mother relocated to Los Angeles, put her Maricopa house up for lease at $1,400 per month and recently flipped it, according to the fine folks at Zillow, for $175,000.

We don't know a thing from a thing about Miss Palin's plans but recent reports in the tabs say she has already moved back to Alaska where she and baby Tripp will live in sin with pipeline laying boyfriend Gino Paoletti in a house she bought just across the lake from her mother's house where, so the stories go, Bristal, baby and man-friend are holed up until renovations are her house are finished.