UPDATE: Huguette Clark

Late last week Your Mama repeated a rumor whispered to us by I.B. Uhrealestateuberinsider that Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani—otherwise known as the oil rich Prime Minister of Qatar—had made a powerful bid to buy two of the three New York City apartments long owned by famously reclusive copper heiress Huguette Clark and now controlled by the public administrator of New York County, the executor of her approximately $400,000,000 estate.

Today comes word via Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Bill Dedman—the undisputed expert on Miz Clark's pre- and post-death affairs—that the prime minister's offer of $31,500,000—half a mil' more than the combined asking price for the two adjacent but not-joined 8th floor spreads—was accepted by the executors but rejected by the co-operative building's board.

The sheikh's offer was not just rejected, butter beans, the board declined to even grant him an interview. A "person familiar with the decision" snitched to Mister Dedmen the board was, quite legitimately perhaps, concerned the prime minister's extensive security needs would compromise the otherwise "quiet character of the elegant building."

In addition to the bizness about the Qatari's resounding rejection Mister Dedman revealed two additional and fascinating tidbits of additional information regarding Miz Clark's trio of Fifth Avenue apartments.

First he revealed that the lavish living sheikh—the prime minister owns a yacht (the Al Miqab) that cost hundreds of millions to build and maintains a seriously-posh penthouse at One Hyde Park in London—was not the highest bidder for the two apartments. Other bidders included "the founder of a private-equity firm and the founder of a hedge-fund," according to Mister Dedman who also disclosed the highest offer for the two 8th floor units was actually $33,000,000.

The second nugget Mister Dedman dropped was that the accepted bid for Miz Clark's 12th floor apartment—a park facing unit with a $24,000,000 asking price—was put forth by derivatives trader and hedge hog Boaz Weinstein. Mister Weinstein, New York City bred and not yet 40 years old, has reportedly signed a contract and awaits and interview with the co-op board.

The saga continues...