It's Back: Brian Grazer

SELLER: Brian Grazer
PRICE: $18,950,000
SIZE: 6,067 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Spikey-haired super-producer Brian Grazer (and his screenwriter ex-wife Gigi Levangie Grazer) have wanted to sell their formerly-shared Malibu (CA) beach house since at least April 2007 when it was on the open market for a short spell with an asking price of $16,000,000.

In May 2011, following their 2009 divorce, the Grazer's deluxe seaside mansion was back on the market with a much-jumped asking price of $19,500,000. By early March (2012) the price had plummeted to $17,500,000. The new price enticed, it seems, and by mid-March the property was in escrow, according Redfin.

Of course, Your Mama don't know a donut hole from a belt loop so we can't really speculate what happened with the escrow but it must have been canceled by someone because various online listing aggragators show the property was taken off the market at the end of August only to reappear, as first reported by the hardworking kids at Curbed, a couple days ago as active and available with a new and considerably higher asking price of $18,950,000.

Located behind the guarded gates of the much-coveted Colony enclave, the Grazer's big ol' mock-Med beach shack, tightly wedged into a pie-shaped lot that narrows on the beach end, spans a spacious 6,067 square feet in two wings with a total of 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms on three, elevator-accessible floors.

In addition to the beach-side, open plan living/dining room with window-lined, semi-circular piano niche on the main floor, the ocean front mansion also includes an eat-in kitchen; small media room; top-floor den/office with fireplace, half-pooper and ocean-side balcony; and an indoor, sky-lit swimming pool.

The back of the tall house opens to a deep, Mexican paver tile dining terrace and detached cabana that holds Mister Grazer's extensive collection of body torture devices, otherwise known as work-out equipment. A slightly raised sunbathing and lounging deck extends over the sand and surf that sometimes crashes right up on the bulkhead.

Mister Grazer may not be in the same, sizzling celebrity real estate league as, say, itchy-footed property collector Ellen Degeneres but he's hardly a stranger to all us loose-tongued property gossips. In March 2009, after an unsuccessful attempt to sell the plush property in 2007 for $27,500,000, Mister and ex-Missus Grazer finally unloaded their fairly-well self-contained, 9 bedroom and 14 bathroom compound in Pacific Palisades for $17,550,000 to current owners Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

More recently, in final days of 2011, now thrice-divorced Mister Grazer dropped $12,500,000 on a large but architecturally insipid residence that Your Mama previously described more nicely as a "sprawling, many-winged (and lobster-shaped) mansion in Santa Monica, CA."

listing photos: Everett Fenton Gidley for Westside Estate Agency