Midweek Mish Mash

Listen chickens, we hate to leave y'all high and dry today but pickins are mite slim in the celebrity real estate world right now and Your Mama has some unavoidable tasks and issues that must be dealt with this week. So, rather than abandon y'all completely, we offer up a few links to other celebrity real estate related stories around the interweb:

—Super-stylish entrepreneurial real estate heiress Ivanka Trump and her young media baron hubby Jared Kushner recently had the folks from Elle Decor in for a peep and poke around at their freshly decorated 10-room New York City family pad located, natch, in a Park Avenue Manhattan high-rise built by her frequently bloviating big-daddy Donald Trump.

—It's old news, perhaps, but hokey-jokey actor Vince Vaughn hoisted his triplex penthouse in Chicago on the market with an asking price of $18,400,000. Did you know he's also house hunting in Los Angeles in the ten million dollar plus range? Well, he is, at least according to Your Mama's people.

—Mariah Carey's looks like a swank boo-teek on Saint Barths, professional dribbler C.C. Sabathia's has custom-built Macassar-ebony cabinets for his colossal shoe collection, and super-rich adman turned tee-vee house Donny Deutch's has a built in bench upholstered in pony skin custom-dyed blood red.

—In case you somehow didn't already hear, Showbiz tycoon Ryan Seacrest has finally unloaded his Hollywood Hills estate for $11,000,000 to "some rich English folk." Mister Seacrest famously upgraded his residential circumstances with his recent $37,500,000 purchase of chat show queen Ellen Degeneres' epic Beverly Hills compound.

—The physically strapping and frequently whining Winklevoss twins Tyler and Cameron—they're the formerly East Coast-based dudes who claim(ed) former Harvard classmate Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for the social media platform that became Facebook—shelled out $18,000,000 on a newly completed, high-tech and very contemporary 8,000 square foot crib high above L.A.'s Sunset Strip.

—And some good, old-fashioned New York City floor plan porn in the form of a mixed-use, multi-unit building in TriBeCa. Note the hair-raising $49,500,000 asking price, the 11,000-ish square foot triplex penthouse (plus fully-landscaped roof terrace), and the basement level basketball court with mezzanine loft level fitness area. As best as we can tell from property records and business filings, the building's owner is a a wealthy fella named Mark Sonnino, a hedge fund fat cat for whom, as it turns out, Your Mama's much younger cuzzin Ry-Ry once worked.