Kristen Stewart Gets a Home of Her Own

BUYER: Kristen Stewart
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,195,000
SIZE: 3,361 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Before fame averse actress Kristen Stewart was caught stepping out on her equally publicity eschewing—and possibly faux six-packedTwilight co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson, the young, superstar couple shacked up in unmarried bliss and sin in a double-gated, privately situated and heavily fortified Spanish-style residence in a particularly posh pocket of Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood that Mister Pattinson acquired in September 2011 for $6,275,000.

Soon after the errors of Miss Stewart's illicit fling with married director Rupert Sanders was exposed in the tabloid media spectral actress reportedly packed up a small U-Haul and decamped for parts unknown. Your Mama didn't have any idea where Miss Stewart moved until this weekend when, out of the blue, a trusted and realiable informant—let's call her Lucinda Looselips—rang Your Mama's bell to tell us that the famously reclusive actress very quietly purchased a house of her own, also in Los Feliz, just about 1.5 miles from the one she shared with the publicly cuckolded Mister Pattinson.

Natch, Your Mama did some digging around in the property records and, lo' and behold, we quickly sussed out that in late August 2012, in the chaotic wake of the tabloid circus that surrounded her lusty liason, a generically named trust paid $2,195,000 for house in a much-coveted gated enclave long favored by famous folks and other Showbiz denizens. The trust's recorded address happens to be a nondescript red brick office building in Van Nuys (CA) owned—according to records—by Miss Stewart's mother. Of course, chickens, it could be this house was bought by Miss Stewart's parents, but a second, also wickedly reliable source says that's not the case and that the new owner of the house is indeed Miss Stewart.

Listing information from the time of the purchase that we managed to tease out of the internets shows two-story hillside house—a questionable but not completely unsuccessful architectural potpourri of southwestern and contemporary styles enshrouded in dense tropical landscaping—measures 3,361 square feet with four en suite bedrooms plus an additional half pooper for guests.

Many of the living spaces have Saltillo tile or wide plank wood flooring and open to deep, shaded verandas conducive to quintessentially California indoor-outdoor living. The center-island eat-in kitchen juxtaposes high-grade stainless steel appliances with rustic wood cabinetry and wall-mounted plate racks and country-style butcher block counter tops. Frankly, we think the kitchen is a country house hot mess but to each his or her own decorative preferences, right?

The back of the house opens on both levels to covered porches with long and wide, over-the-tree-top vistas over the gritty streets of Hollywood. Set well below the house, the terraced and tropically landscaped back yard includes broad sunbathing and lounging terraces, a dark-bottom lap-length swimming pool with integrated spa, a couple flat patches of grass and and a built in stacked stone fire pit.

Miss Stewart and Mister Pattinson are said to have reconciled—they were photographed together over the weekend at a somewhat under-the-radar dive bar not far from their respective residences in Los Feliz—but it's not known if they plan to once again cohabitate and if they do if they'll opt for Mister Pattinson's place or Miss Stewart's new digs.

Other well-known owners of home's behind the gates of Miss Stewart's historic and exclusive enclave include actors Jenna and Bodhi Elfman, British pop star Natasha Bedingfield, actor Casey Affleck and his former actress wife Summer Phoenix, and recently married actress Natalie Portman and her toe-twinkling dancer/choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied who coughed up $3,250,000 in  for her house with a long history of celeb owners including now-divorced Tinseltowners Catherine Keener and Dermott Mulroney.

listing photos: Hilton &Hyland