More Week End Wrapping Up

Is Beyoncé about to dump $5.9 million on a—ahem—redonkulously palatial, 25,000 square foot pile with 16 terlits in Houston, TX as a gift for her beloved momma Tina? Well, we really can't say because we don't know but according to the CultureMap Houston website there's at least one real estate agent in town who's spreading that fun little celebrity real estate tidbit.

There's also some scuttlebutt that retired professional basketball hall of famer Michael Jordan is considering leasing the mansion to hold his 50th birthday party. Could be...


In other Michael Jordan real estate news, Chicago-based property gossip extraordinaire Bob Goldsborough at the Chicago Tribune reported today that the lavish living basketballer has hacked $8,000,000 off the asking price of his 56,000 square foot mega-compound in Highland Park, IL. The new, $21,000,000 asking price still includes all the sleek contemporary furnishings not to mention a full-sized indoor basketball court.

photo: Baird & Warner

In other Chicago celebrity real estate news, nice-gay decorator Nate Berkus has finally, after two long years, unloaded his old Windy City condo for $1.6 million, a mere $100,000 more than he paid for the place way back in 2003 and just over a million dollars less than he hoped to get back in early 2011 when it was listed for $2.65 million.

photo: Pieter Estersohn/Elle Decor via Apartment Therapy

We received a covert communique this afternoon from Sammy Sunsetstrip to let Your Mama known that after more than two long years on the market at a variety of prices, the Sunset Strip mansion owned by actor Ryan Phillippe has finally be put into escrow with an unknown buyer for an unknown amount. Mister Phillippe paid $7.15 million for the Sunset Strip residence—described in listing materials as a "Zen modern retreat"—back in 2008 after he split with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and was last listed with an asking price of $6,995,000. If Your Mama were the wagering type—and we're not—we'd bet the farm Mister Phillippe's pocketbook is gonna take a pounding.

photo: The Agency