UPDATE: Howard Marks

For the last couple of weeks Your Mama has been yammering at the children about how hedge fund fat cat and hardcore real estate baller Howard Marks and his wife Nancy sold their nearly 10 acre ocean front estate in the northern reaches of Malibu, CA in an off-market deal for an astonishing $75,000,000, give or take a few million.

Over the least few days, while Your Mama has been down for the count with a particularly virulent case of the flu, there have been a couple of developments worth sharing. The first being that the mansion obsessed folks over at the Homes of the Rich blog turned up a small but ever-so-delicious cache of photographs of the house on the website of Ferguson & Shamamian, the first rate, New York City-based architecture firm responsible for the seven year overhaul of the massive Italianate villa and its numerous outbuildings.

We've included a handful of exterior images here but if y'all want to revel in the quietly luxurious interiors all done up and did over by President Obama's Oval Office decorator Michael Smith, have a look see here and here.

The second development came via our trusted Fairy Godmother in Bel Air who tells us she has it on unimpeachable authority that the buyer the the Marks' Malibu spread is, as we speculated last week, James "Jim" Jannard. Mister Jannard is the multi-billionaire founder and former owner of the eyewear and athletic apparel company Oakley who now owns the Red Digital Camera Company that primarily produces—as you might imagine from it's name—high end digital cinema cameras.

UPDATE (later same day): A source who claims some knowledge of the situation tells us Mister Jannard is not the buyer. At this point...who the goddamn knows?

photos: Ferguson & Shamamian via Homes of the Rich