5 Effective Old School Tactics To Get Real Estate Buyer Leads

The internet has revolutionized the way brokers, agents and property owners market and sell real estate properties, so much so that many agents have now shunned traditional means of generating real estate buyer leads in favor of new and modern methods.

However, ignoring time-tested and proven traditional ways is a huge mistake considering that many of these activities have produced results through the years. What's more, you don't need to be tech-savy or have deep pockets to create a pipeline prospects to sustain your real estate career and business.

I am sure many of you have one way or another have experienced using traditional methods but just in case you have forgotten, I have listed here 5 effective old school tactics that can get your more real estate buyer leads.

1. Property Signage / For Sale Sign

It's easy, cheap and very effective for obvious reasons: a prospective buyer gets all the important information in one swoop. The buyer knows right away the location (duh!), the neighborhood conditions, the design, availability (obviously it's for sale!) and who to contact for viewing.

You can create a property for sale sign in just a few hours. All you need to do is just go to any large format printer and ask them to layout a simple 'House or Lot For Sale' design with your contact details (if you know adobe photoshop, the better). They can print it quick and you can have it installed in no time.

2. Talk To The Neighbors / Nearby Property Owners

Again, many agents, brokers and even property owners tend to overlook this tactic. You'll never know if the next door neighbor wants to expand his property or has a relative or friend who they would like to take the property before anyone else does.

As an example, when my friend who owned a property in Iloilo wanted me to sell her lot (a corner property) in one of the plush subdivisions there, the first thing I did was to call the owners of the 2 adjoining properties if they would like to buy the lot before someone else does. 

The result: both property owners paid me a visit the following day and made offers right there and then. I had to fax both offers to the seller and ask her to decide who to pick. In the end, the guy who offered cash won (obviously).

3. Distribute Flyers / Leaflets

Many brokers and agents still do this but many are discouraged by the results. In a way yes, people aren't responding to flyers like they used to but in my opinion its more of a case of:

- Improper distribution
- Lackluster flyer, copy, design, layout, etc.
- Wrong Timing / Occasion 

It would be better to review your materials and ask yourself if these are compelling enough to prompt prospects to give you a call to ask for more information. 

Better yet, why not produce your own flyers and not just depend on developer / office standard copies? I'm not saying the office issued flyers are bad but it would be better you have your own for branding purposes and you can also tweak the copy to suit appropriate occasions / seasons (Christmas, Summer or even events).  If you have promos, you can capitalize on them too.

4. Site Stake Out / Open Houses

For agents selling development projects, hanging out at the site makes great sense if you don't have other important appointments. You'll never know when a prospective buyer walks in and makes an inquiry.
Most developers normally allow brokers to post agents at the project site subject to certain guidelines and restrictions which is a great opportunity secure prospects who already have an interest to buy, otherwise they won't waste time getting off their vehicles and inquire.

5. Direct Mail (Snail Mail)

Quite effective but a bit expensive. One way to cut costs is to deliver personally the sales letters direct to the offices and residences of the prospects. 

The key here is to generate a list of probable and qualified buyers. You can start a list using trade directories, association listings, real estate buyer referrals from friends, family and social groups.

Yes, it's quite a tedious thing but if done right, this tactic can reap you great dividends.

So there it is, my list of 5 old school tactics to get you real estate buyer leads. How about you? Do you have your own suggestions / list? Please share it here by leaving a comment.