Carrie Underwood Snatches Up 400 Rural Acres

All the Nashville and country music media are going hog wild with the news that former American Idol turned Grammy-winning pop-country superstar Carrie Underwood and her lantern-jawed professional puck pusher hubby Mike Fisher have snatched up more than 400 undeveloped acres in the scenic and semi-rural suburbs of Nashville, TN.

According to all the many reports on the matter, Mister and Missus Fisher paid around $2,900,000 for 354 acres in the foothills south of Nashville. They reportedly paid another $350,000 for an adjoining 50-acre spread.

Presumably the comely couple will build a big ol' house with a swimming pool (and and ice rink?) where they can raise up a passel of fine lookin' youngins in the lap of country luxury.

Last year it was reported in all the big tabs and gossip glossies that the newlyweds were in the process of building a house of marital bliss in Ottawa, Canada where Mister Fisher, at the time, played hockey for whatever hockey team it is they have in Ottawa. Conveniently, early in the year Mister Fisher was transferred to the professional hockey team in Nashville, his wife's home base. We're sure there were no calls made or strings pulled to make that happen. Your Mama really has no idea if the Underwood-Fishers will keep their crib in Canada where, we imagine, Mister Fisher still has scads of family and friends.

As far as we know–and property records reveal–Missus Underwood-Fisher's property portfolio currently includes the Brentwood, TN mansion that she bought in May 2007 for $1,353,000. The house, according to records and research, sits at the tail end of a cul-de-sac in the gated Governors Club golf community and measures 5,683 square feet.

The country queen also, according to records, still owns a 2,956 square foot house in a suburban development in Franklin, TN that she acquired in November 2005 for $384,000.