UPDATE: Candy Spelling

More scuttlebutt about the sale of Candy Spelling's massive mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, CA makes its way down the real estate hearsay highway this morning, this time via TMZ.

A snitchy source told the gossip juggernaut it was Tinseltown scion and ne'er do well nightclubber Brandon Davis who played the crucial role in hooking up the (reported) buyer of Miz Spelling's monster mansion–by most accounts Formula One racing heiress Petra Ecclestone–with real estate agent Rick Hilton who is–of course–Paris Hilton's daddy. Only in Hollywood, babies, only in Hollywood.

Mister Hilton reportedly showed Miss Ecclestone couture queen Suzanne Saperstein's baronial Beaux Arts extravaganza Fleur de Lys, listed with a $125,000,000 price tag. The 22-year old heiress reportedly made an $85,000,000 offer for the 35,000-plus square foot beast. Alas, negotiations broke down over later requests by the seller to keep various statuary and be given an extra $700,000 to cover the costs of her moving expenses.

That's when, so the story goes, Miss Ecclestone got fed up with Suzanne's demands, stamped her indignant Louboutin-shod foot, shifted gears and unleashed her financial superpowers on The Manor, Candy Spelling's city hall-sized residence in Holmby Hills, listed for several years with a stomach churning asking price of $150,000,000. TMZ earlier reported that Miz Spelling agreed to sell The Manor to Miss Ecclestone for $85,000,000, which apparently was her budget–if you can call it that–since it's oddly and exactly the same amount reported she offered Suzanne Sap for her palatial pile.

If this thing really went down as TMZ reports–and it certainly could have–how lousy does Suzanne Saperstein have to feel knowing she killed a suh-weet $85,000,000 cash deal over an unwelcomed request for seven hundred thousand smackers in moving expenses?

If ever there was a illustration of how the super rich live it's Suzanne Saperstein–whose fortune derives exclusively from a lucrative divorce from radio mogul David Saperstein–calculating that she needs nearly three quarters of a million dollars to have her possessions–admittedly very pedigreed and expensive possessions–packed up, hauled to another residence and unpacked. Take a nerve pill and moment and let that settle down into your belly, butter beans.

Now then, really buckle up your seat belts and pour yourself a gin & tonic to wash down the nerve pill because you're really going to freak the hell out when you find out that, according to TMZ, real estate agent Rick Hilton agreed to pay Branden Davis a very substantial $250,000 finder's fee.

Bam! It's almost too crazy to be real. Then again, as the saying goes, you really can't make up shit this good, can you?

Stay tuned...