UPDATE: Candy Spelling

Seems like wealthy showbiz widow Candy Spelling was in a bit of a bargaining mood.

After years of having her steroidal 56,500 square foot pile The Manor listed with an asking price of $150,000,000 Miz Spelling has, according an inside source who tattled to TMZ, settled on a still breathtaking sale price of $85,000,000.

A few quick flicks of the dainty beads on Your Mama's bejeweled abacus shows the reported $85,000,000 sale price represents a significant 43-and-some-percent discount from Miz Spelling's long- and fiercely-cleaved-to asking price.

TMZ, like the Wall Street Journal, cites inside sources who snitched that the buyer is 22-year old straw-haired heiress Petra Ecclestone. Interestingly, one of Your Mama's trusted sources inside the Bev Hills real estate beltway still insists the buyer ain't lil' ol' Petra but rather one of the world's wealthiest people whose staggering riches make Petra's daddy Bernie's four billion dollar fortune seem positively charming.

And the real estate story rolls on...