Late Afternoon Pick Up Number One

Last week Your Mama piggybacked on British reports that pegged Russian multi billionaire and well-known trophy property collector Roman Abramovich as the buyer of a titanic 15-bedroom mansion in London's heavily fortified Kensington Palace Gardens enclave.

Newer reports confirm–or at least appear to confirm–that not quite divorced but newly out of the closet Belgian hedge hog Pierre LaGrange has indeed sold his palatial pile to Mister Abramovich for an inexpressibly staggering £90,000,000, an amount Your Mama's currency conversion contraption calculates as $144,470,000US at today's rates.

Mister Abramovich owns more extraordinarily expensive properties around the world that Your Mama cares to count and Monsieur LaGrange will have to endure what some expect to be one of Britain's costliest divorces before he knows just how much he can spend on an engagement ring for his new man-beau, double-named fashion designer Roubi L'Roubi.