Late Day Morsel Number Two: Madonna

For years Madonna's New York City neighbors were miffed about the frequent noise that emanates from the entertainer's sprawling multi-unit Upper West Side apartment during her sometimes hours-long singing and dancing rehearsals. To her credit Madonna reportedly made some sound proofing efforts in 2009 but alas, they were not successful enough and her Harperley Hall neighbor Karen George filed a lawsuit against Madonna and, as a matter of course, the board of the co-operative apartment house.

Natch, Madge and her army of high-paid lawyers attempted to get the lawsuit tossed out but, according to the New York Law Journal (via Huffington Post), a judge recently decided the suit was worthy of a trial.

Imagine that, children? We're not talking mediation but an actual trial for which actual working people will have to take time off from their jobs to decide if Madonna's at-home singing and dancing was sufficiently loud to be legitimately disruptive to her neighbors.

Whatever the result, if Madge hasn't already packed her Kabbalah strings and dumbbells and decamped Harperley Hall, its expected she soon will. In the spring of 2009 the middle-aged pop superstar paid a hefty $32,500,000 for a titanic triple wide townhouse on East 81st Street that she's spent the last couple years expanding and renovating.

photo: Kate Lenova for Property Shark