Monday Morsel: Tamara Ecclestone

It was only a couple months ago that 22-year old British heiress and fashion designer Petra Ecclestone set the southern California real estate world on fire when she paid a titanically tumescent $85,000,0000 for Candy Spelling's 55,000 square foot mega-mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, CA.

Today word comes slip-sliding down the international celebrity real estate gossip grapevine that Petra's 27-year old sister Tamara will not to be out done by her little sister. Apparently Tamara–set to star in her own reality show called Billion Dollar Girl–and her man-pal Omar Khyami were in Tinseltown last week shopping for a gigantic house of their own that Mister Khyami said will make Petra's new digs "look like the guest house."

Anyhoo,, according to gossip juggernaut TMZ the very young big spenders had a look see at a number of exuberantly priced properties in the Platinum Triangle including Guess clothing co-founder Armand Marciano's 20-acre estate perched above Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills (listed at $63,000,0000) and sub-prime mortgage short Jeff Greene's 25-plus acre spread with its resort hotel-sized pile (listed for lease at $195,000 per month and available for purchase for an undisclosed amount of money).
The Formula One heiress–who owns a swank house in London's über-posh Kensington area that's under renovation and said to be designed to include a bowling alley, dog spa and a million dollar crystal bath tub from the Amazon–was also reported to have poked around Le Belvedere, the impossibly lavish Bel Air mansion that property developer Mohamed Hadid sold in June 2010 for $50,000,000 to a mysterious buyer with overseas connections. TMZ also indicated that Miss Ecclestone also peeped at Lauren and Richard King's recently re-built and decidedly dignified Georgian pile in the Holmby Hills area listed for $65,000,000. However, Your Mama hears through the Platinum Triangle real estate gossip grapevine that although she showed up with an extensive entourage the expensively clad crew didn't actually get past the front door. It's just rumor and gossip, kids, rumor and gossip.

Miss Ecclestone and her stockbroker man-friend were also reported to have peeped and nixed Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi's secluded and soo-blime 3-ish acre compound in Beverly Hills–listed for around $60,000,000–because according to the Daily Mail it '"wasn't for her.'"

Interestingly, the online listing(s) for Ellen and Portia's pad in the Bev Hills (Post Office) area evaporated from the internet over the weekend. Make of that what you will children.

listing photos: (top three) Coldwell Banker Previews; (bottom one) Westside Estate Agency