Friday Potpourri

Yes, buttons and butter beans, Your Mama and The Dr. Cooter are still, technically, on vacay out with all the greys and gays out in Palm Springs (CA) but here are a few links to tidbits and morsels discussed by some of our friends and associates in the celebrity real estate gossip game to keep you busy as you whittle away the final hours of your 9-to-5 work week.

Professional toker and serious art collector Cheech Marin sold his joint in Malibu. (via the long-legged blond at Trulia)

A Midtown Manhattan penthouse (rumored and reported) to be owned by Oprah Winfrey and (allegedly) briefly occupied by Gayle King went into contract with an unnamed British financier after just a week on the market. (via Miz Gould Keil at the New York Post)

Filthy rich but mouthy actor/filmmaker Mel Gibson has re-listed his 500-acre beachfront spread in Costa Rica with an asking price of $29,800,000. (via the property gossip gals at The Wall Street Journal)

A 9,000 square foot Greek Revival-style townhouse in the natty and naboby section of New York City's Brooklyn Heights 'hood once owned (or maybe it was only leased) by mincing scribe Truman Capote sold for a record breaking $12,500,000 to the British fella who made his mountain of money primarily from the creator/writer/producer of the enormously successful and brutally violent and Grand Theft Auto video games franchise. (via the peeps at the New York Post)

The last residence of Beatle George Harrison—a monstrous, wedding cake of a villa in fancy pants Montagnola, Switzerland—has come up for sale with an undisclosed asking price. (He paid ten million for the Swiss estate in 2001 shortly before he died.) (via the busy real estate beavers AOL)

One of the billionaire Bronfmans—philanthropist and former Seagram CEO Edgar M.—has put the 540-acre family farm outside Charlottesville, VA on the market with a $10,300,000 price tag. (from the property gossip gals at The Wall Street Journal via the ever-industrious kids at Curbed)

And just for shits and giggles here's a little ditty about a hot mess of a mansion in Miami, FL  built by a local hi-rise developer on an island in the center of its own man-made lake and listed for $10,900,000. (from via the ever-industrious kids at Curbed)