UPDATE: Justin Beiber

The celebrity real estate gossip grapevine was on fire yesterday with rumors and reports of international pop music wunderkind Justin Beiber dropping ten (or more) million bucks on 9,000-plus square foot modern mansion in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills. The house, it was first reported in the Daily Mail, was meant to be an 18th birthday present to himself.

Your Mama was skeptical of the scuttlebutt from the get go and said so in our discussion of the (alleged) real estate matter. Our leeriness proved justified today after celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ reported Mister Beiber's "people" confirmed to them that although the newly 18 year old did tour the humongous house above Lake Hollywood—currently leased by sit-com star and Twittering fiend Ashton Kutcher—it's not at the top of his list of potential pads.

The Beib's "people" further elaborated that the young and very rich, 5-foot 5-inch (or so) megastar has also toured three homes—two of them more than once—in the comparatively far-flung, upscale western suburb of Calabasas but has not made an offer and continues on his house hunt.

The peeps at TMZ heard Ashton Kutcher actually wants to buy the modern mansion he's currently renting above Lake Hollywood and Your Mama heard from a well-placed little birdie The Beibs and his familial entourage have been shacked up for a number of months in a celeb-owned crib in the historic, leafy and gated Laughlin Park enclave in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood where some of the other homes are owned by high profile peeps such as pop star Natasha Bedingfield, Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, will.i.am. of The Black Eyed Peas, and the charming and funny in real life hospital drama actress Ellen Pompeo.