UPDATE: Jennifer Aniston

Brace yourselves, butter beans...

It was only about 10 (or so) months ago that rom-com queen Jennifer Aniston plunked down $7,019,084 for a pair of puny but very pricey cooperative apartments atop a very desirable full-service pre-war building in New York City's beguiling and almost entirely gentrified West Village. The plan, so went the scuttlebutt, was for the syndicated sit-com superstar to spend another sizable wad of dough to attractively combine the good-sized but hardly huge high-floor one bedroom unit with the approximately equally-sized, terrace-wrapped one bedroom penthouse directly above.

Alas, the actress and her somewhat new, live-in screenwriter/actor man-beau Justin Theroux don't care to live in The Big Apple anymore. That explains her/their recent $20,970,000 purchase of a sprawling, approximately 8,500 square foot mid-century modern mansion on three-plus acres in a particularly posh pocket of Los Angeles' swankety-swank Bel Air community.

The New York Post reported today that late last week Miz Aniston told an Australian radio program she and Mister Theroux found the pervasive paps "a little rough" to deal with in New York and have opted to high tail it back to Los Angeles where she feels like they have a great degree of privacy.

The question on every real estate gossip's lips now is whether Miz Aniston will choose to keep (and continue with plans to combine) her downtown New York penthouse pad or if she'll try to unload them for a higher price than she paid?

Don't snark and snarl, children. Everyone thought behawtch was real estate crazy when she listed her Beverly Hills mansion with a $42,000,000 price tag until she sold after just three brief months on the (open) market for $35 million to a corporate entity with direct links to an Orange County-based mutual fund billionaire.