Rumor Has It: Justin Beiber

Rumor has it 18 year old bubblegum pop phenom and international superstar Justin Beiber snatched up a very contemporary mansion above Los Angeles' scenic Lake Hollywood last listed—and as of today, we note, still listed on the open market—with an assertive $10,800,000 price tag.

The three-story glass, steel, and stone structure in question measures, according to current listing information, a man-sized 9,385 square feet and contains a total of 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Listing information describes the house as "cutting edge" and "architecturally significant" with two two living rooms (one with massive stacked stone and steel fireplace), capacious center island kitchen, a "floating" dining room (whatever the devil that is), movie theater, bar area, and—natch—private fitness and massage rooms.

The airy interiors have soaring double-height ceilings and walls of retractable glass that connect to a series of cantilevered balconies and outdoor entertaining areas that include various enclosed gardens and outdoor rooms, an infinity-edged swimming pool, elevated spa with panoramic view, deep terraces for lounging, dining and sunbathing a ridiculous number of built-in fire pits.

No doubt The Beib and his tortured hair can afford it; Forbes estimated he earned around $53 million in 2010. For the record, Your Mama is nine kinds of skeptical. None-the-less so the story goes in the U.K.'s Daily Mail, the modern mansion young Beiber (allegedly) bought was most recently rented by Ashton Kutcher for a reported fifty grand a month after his estranged wife Demi Moore booted the caught philandering Twitter fiend from their modern family mansion in Beverly Hills (CA).

The folks at the Daily Mail suggest that Mister Beiber purchased the property as a birthday present to himself and that once Mister Kutcher packs his bachelor things and moves out The Beibs hopes "to set up a home" with his slightly older Disney teen-queen gal pal Selena Gomez.

listing photo: Partners Trust Beverly Hills