Katie Holmes Cruise Moves Out

The celebrity gossips at X17 reported today moving trucks were spotted entering and exiting the Beverly Hills (CA) estate that, until recently, Katie Holmes shared with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Tom Cruise. Presumably the trucks were there to haul someone's things out of the 7 bedroom and 9 bathroom mansion the kaput couple picked up in early 2007 for $30,500,000 but Your Mama don't know a thing about a thing so we really don't know for sure which of the two is schlepping their shit to storage.

Ownership of the 10,000-plus square foot residence, originally built in 1937 and situated privately and securely on 1.2 gated and fortified acres with swimming pool, tennis court and parking lot-sized motor court, is reported by the folks at X17 to be up for grabs, meaning it's not accounted for in the couple's pre-nup. The X17 folks also said the former couple's pre-nup (allegedly) grants third-ex-Missus Cruise ownership of a Montecito, CA mansion, but honestly chickadoodles, Your Mama isn't aware of any Montecito mansion owned by Mister and/or third-ex-Missus Cruise and apparently neither do some top realtors in Montecito, according to local society chronicler Richard Mineards at the Montecito Journal (page 19).

Since their divorce announcement last month Mister Cruise has been spotted on a feverish hunt for a high-priced home in some of the more affluent suburbs around New York City such as Snedens Landing, NY and Greenich, CT and third-ex-Missus Cruise has settled into a rented apartment in a celebrity-friendly building in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.

aerial photo: Pacific Coast News