Your Mama Hears...

...former chairman/co-CEO of Warner Bros. and well-compensated former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel has reached and agreement to sell his Michael Graves-designed ocean front compound in Malibu, CA for, according to gossip juggernaut TMZ, $37,000,000.

Sounds like a lot of money—and it its–but it's a whopping $13,000,000 less than the $50,000,000 he originally wanted for the 9 bedroom and 13 bathroom compound when it first popped up on the open market in May (2012) with a throat-clenching fifty million dollar price tag.

So who's the buyer? Well, a little tattle-tale with whom we're acquainted—let's call her Deborah Deepthroat—told us the soon-to-be new owner of the Semel's 10,000-plus square foot Carbon Beach compound is none other than prolific trophy property collecting gajillionaire Larry Ellison who already owns a couple hundred million dollars of residential real estate in Malibu, much of it along Carbon Beach.

Missus Deepthroat also told us Mister Ellison peeped the property before it went on the open market but didn't make his well-timed move until last week when, so it seems, Mister and Missus Semel were willing to listen to substantially lower than asking offers.

All just rumor and gossip, kids, just some high-end Malee-boo real estate rumor and gossip.