More Tom Cruise Real Estate News

Even the most casual of celebrity property watchers surely know by now that soon-to-be-thrice-divorced actor Tom Cruise is looking to pick up an East Coast abode where he can host post-divorce visitations with his and Katie Holmes's high-heel wearing toddler daughter Suri.

The latest reports out of the leafy and exceedingly affluent (suburban) enclaves that ring New York City reveal Mister Cruise had a look see at a sprawling 75-acre estate (above) in Greenwich, CT formerly and (in)famously owned by opinionated actor/director Mel Gibson.

Mister Gibson and ex-wife Robin bought the so-dubbed Old Mill Farm estate with its gloriously gloomy 15,800 square foot Tudor-style pile back in 1994 for $9,300,000. After an ice age on the market Mister Gibson finally unloaded the pastoral property in early summer 2010 for $24,000,000.

The unidentified buyers quickly had a real estate change of heart—or maybe they're just trying to make a few million bucks—and flipped the essentially self-contained compound back on the market last month with a much increased asking price of $32,995,000.

Why does this make Your Mama wanna roll our eyes and sigh forlornly? No doubt Mister Cruise can afford to buy whatever mansion tickles his real estate fancy no matter the price. But seriously? A thirty million dollar 75 acre estate in Greenwich? Oh, puh-leeze and bless his showboating real estate heart.

In other, semi-related Tom Cruise real estate news, his second ex-wife Nicole Kidman—now married to and procreating with country music king Keith Urban—quietly sold her glassy New York City pied a terre, as first revealed by the wily property reporters at The Real Deal, for $16,000,000.

listing photos: Sotheby's International Realty