Monday Mish Mash: Taylor Swift

Celebrity real estate rumor has it that 22-year old country music superstar Taylor Swift has gone and spent more than four million bucks on an oceanfront mini-estate in Hyannis Port, MA just a few doors away from the childhood home of Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Ethel Kennedy who she's (allegedly) been dating less than three months.

The property in question—first listed at $13,500,000 a couple years ago and last on the open market for $4,900,000—was recently taken off the market and a someone who claims to work for a company "directly involved in the sale" snitched it was true. However, as of today, it should be noted, property records do not reflect a transfer of ownership of the 7 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom Cape Cod Colonial.

Listing information Your Mama teased up out of the interweb state the low-key and East Coast dignified but pretty-dang outdated residence is "located in the historic Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port" while early reports on the scuttlebutt report it neighbors the famous Kennedy family compound. Either way is right up next to the long-time residence of young Mister Conor Kennedy's grandmother's house.

Listen chickens, we really have no inside intel as to whether this is true but we certainly hope not because a purchase like this would be just so stupid. We know that young Miss Swift has a tendency to throw herself willy-nilly into relationships with high-profile men like Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer an Jake Gyllenhaal, but buy a multi-million dollar vacation house a few doors down from the grandparents of the guy she's been hooking up with for a couple short months? Well, that would be downright foolish and straight up creepy, wouldn't it?

Maybe she only leased the house? Or maybe this is all just a lot of rumor and gossip?

Whatever the case, Miss Swift is known by property gossips to maintain residences in both Nashville, TN where she shacks up in a duplex penthouse and Beverly Hills, CA where she hides out in a semi-secluded canyon compound.

listing photos: Curbed via Robert Paul Properties via Zillow